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To celebrate World Health Day, here’s some ways to look after yourself.

It’s World Health Day, and that means the global hope of raising awareness of all things health related. Here at Love IOM, we’re staying locally focused. We’ve identified some places to help you with your health, whether that be mental or physical. And, in doing so, hopefully giving you things to look forward to as we edge ever closer to returning to normality.

There are practical mental health tips, options for retail therapy, as well as beauty, fitness and even staycations. There’s plenty for everyone. …

The sweetest things for your Easter…

It’s not the usual Easter festivities right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t gorge yourself silly on sugary wonders. Here are a selection of offerings for those sweet of tooth. Get ordering soon before they sell out!

Sweets ’n’ Treats

Gift ideas for her…and him

For all of those stuck for Valentine’s Day inspiration, check out these 10 local businesses who are conjuring up gifts to keep you in the good books. You’ll be earning brownie points — quite literally — in no time.

Pigs Loves To Paint

Spoil your partner this Valentine’s Day

With the frustrations of lockdown life now lifted, there’s no excuse for you and your significant other not to make a fuss this Valentine’s Day. Here are four experiences in the North, South, East and West that will be sure to make you swoon. You’ll both feel like you’re in ‘Lady and the Tramp’.

So go on, make an effort this year. St. Valentine was not the patron saint of buying flowers from the petrol station after all!

As always, this is not by any means a comprehensive round-up of the many fine establishments…

It’s time for a break…

Lockdown version 2.0 is almost over. January is clinging on and winter is on it’s last legs. Change is definitely afoot , soon the nights will be lighter, longer and brighter. After the hibernation of Christmas festivities bled into 2021, we think most of us are feeling in need of a holiday! Say hello to that emerging golden ball in the sky…to the fresh spring breeze…and to our beautiful Island, revived.

Here are some Staycation options that could well have your name on them…

Island Escapes

Offering a wide range of holiday cottages and apartments in various…

Celebrating food outlets delivering to the South

It’s blog #3 celebrating the Isle of Man takeaway heroes during lockdown. These culinary chiefs are ensuring we’re well insulated for the remains of the winter. Praise be to them!

Today, we give props to the Island’s beautiful South.

The Sugarloaf Cafe’

Celebrating food outlets delivering to the North

It’s blog post #2 of our celebration of the Island’s takeaway food providers. This series is all about recognising the unsung heroes of Manx lockdown and getting your tastebuds salivating in the process. Thanks be to those who are willing to deliver deliciousness to our doors, ensuring we can stay home and stay safe.

Today, it’s all about the North of the Island.

Ravioli House

Celebrating food outlets delivering to the West.

We continue our push to celebrate the unsung heroes of the Manx lockdown. All this week we’ll be focusing attention on the food outlets who are delivering all across the Island. Ensuring we all stay well nourished and without the need for us to leave the home. Staying home, saving lives and feasting on delicious, local grub. What more could you want?

Today, it’s all about the West of the Island.

The Boatyard Restaurant

Our ode to the trainers keeping us fit…

The second Manx Lockdown is in full swing and we’re all doing our best to ensure we learn from the mistakes of the first time round. Keeping a routine, eating well and exercising are all so important during these uncertain times.

Here’s a shout-out to ‘The Magnificent 7’. The local wellbeing wizards who have had to completely adapt their own business models with barely a second’s notice and are still offering high quality fitness solutions even when confined to home.

Cheers you legends.

Gianni Fabrizio

The Christmas Lights, Peel. So many bobble hats.

Christmas is almost here. Hurray! Which means, conversely, it’s almost over too. Booray! If you listen closely you can almost hear the sound of Noddy Holder weeping as that final royalty cheque comes in. Poor Noddy.

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