6 Food Deliveries for the West

Celebrating food outlets delivering to the West.

We continue our push to celebrate the unsung heroes of the Manx lockdown. All this week we’ll be focusing attention on the food outlets who are delivering all across the Island. Ensuring we all stay well nourished and without the need for us to leave the home. Staying home, saving lives and feasting on delicious, local grub. What more could you want?

Today, it’s all about the West of the Island.

The Boatyard Restaurant

The Boatyard Restaurant

The Boatyard’s classic Peel quayside views are off limits for now, but they are committed to keeping that memory of the freshness of the seaside. Their fresh, locally sourced seafood, lobsters, Manx meat are all still on offer and they are delivering throughout the week.

Delivery details

Monday to Saturday:

Cooking and delivering from 4:30pm — 8:30pm

Deliveries: Peel, Glen Maye, Dalby and Kirk Michael


Delivery 12:00pm — 4:30pm

In addition to the full takeaway menu, roast beef dinner and a plant-based nut roast.

Deliveries: Peel, Glen Maye, Dalby and Kirk Michael

Ahoy all gin lovers! They are also offering gins as part of their delivery service. A great selection of miniature (double measure) gins can also be enjoyed at home with a delicious mixer.

For further information you can order online at Eatout.im or check out the Facebook page and website.

The Creek Inn

Classic pub-grub goes mobile with the Creek Inn offering a wide selection of options to curb your lockdown hunger pangs. Afternoon teas are a winner and the Monday night ‘Cheeseburger Slider Fest’ could be the best way to start your week.

Delivery details:

Monday to Saturday:
Breakfasts from 10:00am

Lunches and dinners from 12:00pm — 9:00pm
Deliveries: Peel, Kirk Michael, Foxdale, Dalby, Crosby and all other towns en route.

The Creek Inn also offer pre-orders for the afternoon tea package through Monday all the way to Saturday.

Call ☎️ 842216 or ☎️ 432422 to order.

For full details of the menu check out their Facebook page.

The Marine Hotel

The family-friendly pub will be providing homemade cooking throughout lockdown. They have daily specials on the Facebook page and even an option for you to request a personal favourite if it’s not on the menu! They also deliver bottles of your favourite beers upon request.

Delivery details:

Monday to Saturday:
5:00pm — 7:00pm

Daily specials, pub grub and Sunday roasts
12:00pm — 6:00pm

Deliveries: Peel St.John’s, Glen Maye, Dalby, Kirk Michel and Ballaugh

To order call ☎️ 842337 and check out the specials / menu on the Facebook page.

Kingsland Chinese Takeaway

Kingsland’s extensive Chinese, Asian & European cuisine continues their delivery services throughout the week.

Delivery details:

Open 7 days a week
5:00pm — 11:00pm

Deliveries: Glen Maye, Patrick, Dalby, Greeba, Foxdale, Kirk Michael, St Johns, Ballaugh, Crosby

Call ☎️ 836379 or check out their website and Facebook page for menus.

Peel Fisheries Chippy

That classic Peel staple is, of course, fish and chips. Peel Fisheries Chippy are continuing their delivery service across the West. Featuring all the chippy favourites as well as sharing and treat boxes, there’s plenty to tuck into.

Delivery details:

Open 7 days a week
Preorder from 10am. This is strongly recommended to guarantee your chosen delivery time.
Open 11:30am — 8:00pm

Deliveries: Peel, St.John’s, Glen Maye, Dalby, Kirk Michael, Ballaugh

Call the below numbers to place your orders and check out the Facebook page for the menu / specials board.

☎️ 842408

☎️ 341256

☎️ 341257

Royal India

Royal India — Facebook

The Bangladeshi / Bengali experts in Southern Asian cuisine are open as normal for their delivery service.

Delivery details:

Open 7 days a week
5:00pm — 10:00pm

Deliveries: Peel, St.John’s, Glen Maye, Dalby, Kirk Michael

Call the below or head to the Facebook page for menus and specials.

☎️ 845678

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