7 Trainers to keep you fit during Manx Lockdown

Our ode to the trainers keeping us fit…

The second Manx Lockdown is in full swing and we’re all doing our best to ensure we learn from the mistakes of the first time round. Keeping a routine, eating well and exercising are all so important during these uncertain times.

Here’s a shout-out to ‘The Magnificent 7’. The local wellbeing wizards who have had to completely adapt their own business models with barely a second’s notice and are still offering high quality fitness solutions even when confined to home.

Cheers you legends.

Gianni Fabrizio

Online Transformation Coach and WBFF Professional Muscle Model Gianni Fabrizio is offering free live webinars every week and home workouts. Schedule below:


Sundays at noon.

Basics of Nutrition
Setting up your nutrition: Fat-loss or performance or both
The Menstrual Cycle
Tracking your calorie intake & understanding MyFitnessPal
Managing Socials whilst maintaining your goals

Home workouts — combination of full body high intensity

Monday: 6:45am & 6pm
Wednesday: 6.45am & 6pm
Friday: 6.45am & 6pm
Saturday: 10am

Gianni says…

“This is a free group where I will be sharing content for you to learn and make progress in your health and fitness journey!

Whether it’s a weight loss, muscle building or improving your general well-being all the tools will be provided for you to take away with you.

Ultimately this is a hub to improve your health and share your wins!

Everyone in here is on their own journey — however it gives us all an option to share any experiences or post up any questions you need clarity on!

There will be weekly lives, articles, recipes, nutritional tips/ideas, training sessions, motivation & Supplement deals….and of course banter!

If you feel someone you know might benefit from the community please invite them in!

If you would like to take your progress one step further and would like to learn more about working directly with us please reach out and we can arrange a call or click the link below to book into our call calendar”


For further information there’s the above Facebook group, the Facebook page or you can check out his website.

Gracie Barra Isle of Man: Gracie Barra

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Mixed Martial Arts school Gracie Barra Isle of Man are still actively coaching through their online group with daily techniques and drill videos, live coaching sessions via Zoom and also numerous free giveaways to members.

The current online schedule includes the following live sessions:

BarraFit — Flex (Yoga)
BarraFit — Family Flex (Yoga)
BarraFit — Kettlebells
BarraFit — HIIT
BarraFit — Family HIIT
Jiu-Jitsu — Kids
Jiu-Jitsu — Adults

Daily Technique and Drill videos are posted in the group for the following:

Muay Thai

Competitions are run three times per week to win training equipment, free private sessions, kit and clothing. #

Gracie says…

“Gracie Barra Isle of Man is very much a family oriented Academy and very inclusive. The sessions are open to all members of the household.

They are offering new members the option of joining now with full access to the online training during lockdown and they will receive one month’s free training when the Academy reopens”

The group can be located here. You can also check out the official Facebook page or the website.

Mission: Sophie Campbell

Yoga instructor / personal trainer / nutrition adviser / professional dancer Sophie is offering live lockdown online classes which can be booked on a pay-as-you-go basis via here:

All classes are £5 or you can receive all lockdown classes for a one-off payment of £25. This gives you access to all recordings of the live sessions.

Online Fitness

  • Live online resistance based workouts through lockdown on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings via zoom

Online Yoga

  • Intermediate yoga flow open class via zoom. A good understanding of basic yoga postures or a strong level of fitness recommended. Details coming soon via website and social media channels.

Positive Mindset

  • Lots of blogs and advice on website and social channels to keep people positive and motivated during lockdown.

Sophie says…

“‘Helping people Physically, Emotionally, Mentally through yoga, fitness and dance has always been my Mission. This is my little corner of the internet where I like to share what I do”

Email for more information, check out her Facebook page or the Mission website.

Fit For You: Donna Whalley

Personal Trainer Donna’s Fit For You have adapted with the new ‘Fitness Studio with Donna’ group.

Donna says…

“My aim with online fitness over lock-down is to help people physically as well as mentally. The mental health side is SO important & our online community helps with keeping in touch with other. Client feedback is particularly in favour of ‘Live’ workouts where you can see who else is online at the same time doing the workout with you”

Fitness Studio with Donna

  • Tabata, Tae Bo, Step, Strength, Core Classes
  • A mixture of live classes & pre-recorded videos to suit both those with home equipment & those without. Can be accessed anytime to suit the client “on demand”
  • £25 a month

Gentle Low Aerobics Fitness with Donna

  • Lower impact, slower pace
  • £12 a month

Paracise Studio With Donna

  • Gentle on the joints exercise classes
  • New videos weekly as well as a library of pre-recorded videos
  • £10 a month

Stretch & Unwind with Donna

  • Basic stretching & relaxation videos
  • £10 a month

Donna provides a mixture of online groups to cater for the whole community. To find out more or to join Donna’s online classes contact her via her Facebook page or check out her website.

FitBody Fitness: Darren Murphy

Darren Murphy & his FitBody Fitness team are providing online coaching via zoom — helping people get healthier, fitter, stronger and happier through fun exercise and eating foods they love.

Darren says…

“During lockdown the life changing results achieved at FitBody Fitness don’t stop, instead we’ll be running a very successful online program where each member gets a piece of equipment loaned to them so they can continue getting great results and keep their mental health in check. There’s no ego nor judgement here. Small group personal strength & conditioning training in a fun welcoming atmosphere, where all levels of fitness are very welcome. We provide advice and guidance on nutrition too”

Group online coaching sessions are booked in advance and run at various times throughout the day.

Send Darren and his team a message via their Facebook page to find out more.

SPACE Yoga Studio: Dee Stockman

Specialising in Yin Yoga, Dee via her SPACE studio, offers a quiet and mindful practice which stretches the body, calms the mind and soothes the soul.

The SPACE yoga studio was a new creation of the first lockdown.

Dee says…

“With weekly free zoom classes to support the local community and all across the world, we went on to create a tranquil yoga SPACE within the HOMECO store whilst continuing to offer all classes on zoom. Back in lockdown, we have a full schedule of classes on zoom & continue to create connections & support. Why not join our most popular class?”

FREE Soul Sunday @ 4pm

Everyone welcome, all abilities.

Book online or for further information check out their website.

Shine OM Yoga: Janet Bradley

Janet Bradley’s Shine OM yoga studio have moved their studio based classes to their all NEW Facebook Lockdown HUB.

Click here to join!

The Studio + LIVE classes are now merged and updated to become the NEW Lockdown HUB.

HUB Access Terms

Janet says…

“We have an Honesty Policy and we trust that our followers and members will value the service that we offer.

  • Members have UNLIMITED access.
  • Pay Go Clients can use their class passes as standard
  • Book Class on Shine OM App as normal
  • Teachers will sign you in when they go live.
  • Students please confirm your attendance for the register as you would at the studio.
  • LIVE Class will stay up till midnight daily — leeway for technical glitches / LIFE lol!
  • So if you attend slightly later — please comment with your attendance so we can mark you off the register.

Contact Janet for the schedule via email, check out the website or Facebook page. The Shine OM App also has all booking details.

We have reduced our drop in & pay go options to make this more affordable and without any contracts needed”

Let’s hear it for the fitness and wellbeing heroes of the second Manx lockdown.

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